text & musik: martin gevers, lena winkel, laura mirschinka  /  2002

i don’t know the meaning of life

the only thing i really know

the way i lived my life

was not the way i want to go


i’m drowning in society

tell me what life holds for me

when all i want is to be free

all this foolish pride

it’s a cancer to my soul

i tried to live the way they want

tried to fill this hole

this hole in my soul


i thank the lord for my friends

they help me to move on

they take my sorrow and my pain

ensuring me i’m not insane


i’m drowning in society ...


take me as the one i am

or just leave me where i stay

i don’t know you anymore

and you don’t know me anyway

you can’t push me anymore

to directions you direct

on request i can’t change

but on request i will reject


i’m drowning in society ...


alle texte wurden von on purpose verfasst. es gilt das urheberrecht. eine übernahme, aufnahme oder aufführung ohne quellenangabe und anfrage ist illegal.

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