in a wonderful way

text: kristoff gött  /  musik: martin gevers, lena winkel, laura mirschinka, kristoff gött  /  2009

feelings in a store

buy that card to carry home

just can´t believe

how easy to say it

closed to my within

chaos leaves my head

slowly, slowly


everything's not real

in a wonderful way

in a wonderful way

things are not true


you give that feeling

that i hope to keep

description removes

what is behind

more words seem wrong

so I end this song

in love, in love

everything's not real ...




led thoughts

explanation silk

see you in thinking

from your well I´m drinking


everything's not real ...

alle texte wurden von on purpose verfasst. es gilt das urheberrecht. eine übernahme, aufnahme oder aufführung ohne quellenangabe und anfrage ist illegal.

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