rich and famous

text & musik: martin gevers, lena winkel, laura mirschinka /  200?

all I want is to become

rich and famous

i thought i dressed for success

i walked in the shadows of my idols

and i know

it’s a long way to the top


to feel the heat of the spotlight

is my sense in life

i feel the crowd, see them jump i see them dive

playing the first chord is a magic moment for me

forget all doubts, feeling free


when i am on stage

it feels like home

i look into shiny faces

but their great expectations

i cannot fullfill

so i leave to be alone


now i’m standing on the streets

playing my songs, which noone wants to hear

i earn no money and no respect

but lots of degrading views


but one’s for sure

this is not the end

taste of music will improve again

then my time will come

i’ll inspire the mass

from my dreams i won’t wake up

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