text & musik: martin gevers, lena winkel, laura mirschinka  /  aus "cast of mind" (2004)

i’m walking in the streets today
look around, see children play
they got nothing, nothing to do just like me
'cause i’m just looking for you
looking for you, just looking for you

close my eyes
got a picture of you in my mind
like a hiding shadow
you are out of sight
i’m sitting here, feel the sun shine bright
hope to see you day and night
i feel so alone without, without you
'cause i’m just searching for you
searching for you, oh, searching for you
close my eyes ...
i stand up, look into your eyes
i watch you just smiling wise
felt at once you’re the one i need and want
now i’m just glad with you
i’m glad with you, so glad with you
close my eyes
your body close to mine
we’re both together
on cloud number nine
close my eyes
feel your lips upon my own
never want to be
without you - alone

alle texte wurden von on purpose verfasst. es gilt das urheberrecht. eine übernahme, aufnahme oder aufführung ohne quellenangabe und anfrage ist illegal.

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