sailing time

text: kristoff gött  /  musik: martin gevers, lena winkel, laura mirschinka, kristoff gött  /  aus "details in a bigger picture" (2008)

upraging of the sun
our flight has just begun
winds all do us well
between the waves we dwell

raise your sail next to mine
we are sailing, sailing time

see, from other lands
a tide of lovely scent
a dove faces the blue
up the rigs for it's beginning

raise your sail next to mine ...

where's the end?
where are you?
what's the reason to it all
i'll carry me to find my way
my time i won't betray

the sailor mows the sea
how lucky he must be
ticking sound, me and you
fading seconds – true

raise your sail next to mine ...

raise your sail next to mine ...

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