text: kristoff gött  /  musik: martin gevers, lena winkel, laura mirschinka, kristoff gött  /  aus "details in a bigger picture" (2008)

and she forgot about her fears
when the eyes sank into the beaming sun
far from a crowded world
her breath of life she quietly unfolds

love, air, resting, peace
like climbing towards heaven
she moved clouds with her fingertips
and held in her hand the love of life

easy, it was easy
so easy, almost paradise
easy, it was easy
so easy on the breath of life

like a flower waiting for the sun
she lay there
surrounded by her best friends
sky and sea and sand

easy, it was easy ...

a cool breeze from the sea
as the haze set on the beach
sky dressed for night again
as his message flew into her head

easy, it was easy ...

the wind told her a story of the night
tomorrow she’s back at home
and it was so hard to know
he would not be
he would not be there
he would not be there anymore

alle texte wurden von on purpose verfasst. es gilt das urheberrecht. eine übernahme, aufnahme oder aufführung ohne quellenangabe und anfrage ist illegal.

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