text & musik: martin gevers, lena winkel, laura mirschinka  /  aus "details in a bigger picture" (2008)

i've killed your soul and i know it
i can see it in your eyes
you gave me love
and i, i gave you lies

hope you’ll make it on your own
yes i’m sure, i’m sure you will
you are better off without me
so i say to you goodbye

it's so hard to let you go
‘cause i know that this is wrong
i’ve hoped our time would last forever
i’m to blame that’s only in my mind

hope you’ll make it on your own ...

it's okay that i have hurt me
but why have i hurt you?
only friendship wouldn't last forever
nothing can avert that i will lose you

hope you’ll make it on your own ...

now i’m searching for reasons
Was i to afraid?
why have i made this decision?
So i say to you ... goodbye

alle texte wurden von on purpose verfasst. es gilt das urheberrecht. eine übernahme, aufnahme oder aufführung ohne quellenangabe und anfrage ist illegal.

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